La Dame Aux Zèbres
Artiste Peintre
Zebras by Norma Bessières
Zebra Breath!
“Norma Bessières is an artist who, like an animal-orientated Buren, has chosen the zebra as her sole subject. Why the Zebra?
Because its natural graphic qualities make it the ideal motif to question art: does it spring from the observation of nature or the symbolic invention of man?

Starting from this observation, explored for over ten years through a wide variety of paintings from multiple angles, the artist is now focusing on the heart of her research: the inanimate and the living.
How can the living animal, the zebra, be articulated through its inspirational geometric abstraction, using the necessarily artificial means available to the painter to portray life?

Hence the rich interpretations in the Ruptures series, inviting the viewing public to piece back together the equivalences between inanimate and symbolic objects and the pictorial idea of the zebra, through troubling and infinite compositions.
The research into movement and the moment for the paintings in the Openings series. Or the Zebra caged in bar codes that, through the indeterminacy of its condition (geometric or living?) portrays our attempts to escape the digitisation of our lives.

Norma Bessières is right to stick to her subject – we are in no doubt that it still holds many future inspirations.”
Frédéric Elkaïm
Co-founder of the Swiss-French Circle of Art Lovers and Collectors